To build a world class, a state-of-the-art modern rehabilitation facility in  polio endemic/epidemic countriesfor polio patients with residual diseases in general and post-polio survivors in particular. This Center provides exceptional comprehensive and holistic care to post-polio survivors .To develop a unique model of "help to help others" where polio survivors become health providers


Opening its heart to all Polio survivors in particular, the center will provide latest scientific rehabilitation treatments options (including surgical techniques) with excellent services, and top class team players to face the physical & social challenges till they become self efficient. Another major goal will be to design a central surveillance database for research purposes of all the polio survivors 


  1. To provide best class rehabilitation and treatment options to polio survivors in most endemic areas with special focus to developing countries, where burden of polio is still enormous.
  2. Provide cost-effective training/skills to polio survivors who can be productive and self compliance to contribute to nations need.
  3. To design a central surveillance database of all the polio survivors.